11th of Av

David Semmel

11th of Av a novel by David R. Semmel
11th of Av

11th of Av is a story of love, death and dreams set in 1914 in the often-besieged Galician town of Przemyśl, a fortress on the socially dynamic, multicultural frontier of Austria-Hungary.

It is the story of a tough, passionate, and optimistic generation – the flowering of eight centuries of Jewish life in Eastern Europe – who believed, despite overwhelming odds,  that they could build a better world.

It is also the story of the beginning of the end of Eastern Jewry. When an orgy of war topples Franz Josef’s Austro-Hungarian Empire, his Jewish subjects find themselves scattered and stateless, and compelled to carve out new lives in an unfamiliar and increasingly dangerous world.

Available now in paperback and Kindle at:100 percent of the net proceeds from this novel
will be donated to charities involved in the restoration and upkeep of Jewish sites in Przemysl.